Non-profit cultural association PROFESSIONAL CREATIVE MINDS

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For optimal development of the Fair, we will have the cultural association (non-profit) Creative Minds SCULTOeduca Professionals developing programs: SCULTOmuseo, SCULTOdeDÍA, SCULTOdeNOCHE, SCULTOsigue and complementary program for professionals.

SCULTOdeDÍA: exhibition and sale of works of art by active artists, represented by art galleries of any country.

SCULTOeduca: three conference days of dissemination of contemporary art with experts from the professional sector in cultural management, collecting and education as a means of personal growth. Visits accompanied to the fair of groups of students of the different formative cycles, professional unions and families.

SCULTOmuseo: this program "twins" Museums of Contemporary Art of the national territory with La Rioja, bringing to Logroño a sample of their own funds, with an exhibition where, for two months, students and the general public can meet and enjoy.

SCULTOdeNOCHE: conferences where artists, gallery owners, art professionals, representatives of public and private institutions enjoy the wine and gastronomy of La Rioja in DOC Rioja wineries.

SCULTOfollows: accompanied visits to contemporary art exhibitions, art centers, public and private collections of La Rioja and companies that support art and culture.

With the name of ASSOCIATION PROFESSIONAL CREATIVE MINDS, hereinafter MENTES_PRO, a non-profit entity with its own legal personality is constituted, under article 22 of the Spanish Constitution of 1978, which will be ruled by Organic Law 1/2002 , of March 22 regulating the right of association and concordant norms and those that are applicable at all times and by the current Statutes.

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