SCULTO is a national art fair specialised in contemporary sculpture. Born in Logroño-La Rioja it aspires to be an annual, international event for art collectors, and art friends from all over the world. SCULTO aims to create a cultural, educational and economic environment providing cultural legacy for participants and visitors.
SCULTO is organized by the company SCULTO, Cultura y Difusión S.L. set up by Enrique Martinez Glera –gallery owner from la Rioja, Beatriz Carbonell Ferrer –sculptor from Valencia and José María Esteban Ibáñez – journalist from Navarra. All three have extended expert experience in their fields and back international professionalization and promotion of art, especially sculpture.
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The fair takes place in Logroño, La Rioja’s capital. The landscape, climate and cuisine underpin a feeling that Logroño-La Rioja is a welcoming land, a crossroads for ancient cultural settlements. A land that is home to the monastery and World Heritage site San Millán de la Cogolla, considered the cradle of romance language -later to become Castilian Spanish- and of written Basque. Its fields and orchards produce Spanish cuisine’s most valued products: fruits, vegetables and excellent wines.
SCULTO breaks with traditional formats and offers participants and visitors a cultural experience through encounters with contemporary sculpture. The main venue for the SECOND edition will again be the 1930’s building, Mercado de San Blas-Plaza de Abastos, in Logroño’s historic city centre.
The market offers Rioja’s best local produce and is just a step away from the famous Calle Laurel, renowned for its tapas and excellent wines. Altogether, a unique environment combining local produce from Logroño-La Rioja and Art.
Given an interest in innovative scenarios to show contemporary sculpture, SCULTO came about after examining current artistic contexts and with the aim to bring together the best works created by Spanish international artists with gallery representation.
All currently active artists living in Spain who have gallery representation. In this way, SCULTO is open to artists and galleries so that contemporary sculpture in our country is highlighted and valued.
Our Curatorial Committee reviewed the fair’s criteria and guidelines ensuring it conforms to national and international art fair circuit standards. This same committee makes a selection of artists’ projects submitted by galleries.
SCULTO divides its activities into SCULTOdeDÍA (SCULTOby day) and SCULTOdeNOCHE (SCULTO by night)

SCULTOdeDÍA offers a programme of activities, which contributes to appreciating contemporary sculpture, to understanding contemporary art as an education tool and to developing art and art collecting. Participants include galleries, collectors, artists, teachers and art educators.

“SCULTOdeNoche” includes visits to DOC (PDO)* Rioja wineries, to savour excellent wines: a wine tasting event will take place each evening at one of the sector’s most prestigious wineries; in-house oenologists will help participants appreciate, learn about and comment on DOC Rioja wines’ inherent excellence.

*Protected Designation of Origin”

Given traditional and digital media and social networks’ importance, SCULTO works with digital communication, press, radio and television experts. Furthermore. is available in English and Spanish.
Social networks include: Linked In, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
Others include: local, regional and national written and digital press, radio, TV and art specialised national and international digital press.
SCULTO has sponsorship agreements with local, regional and national private and public entities. Aware of the venture, they wish to contribute to its launch and consolidation.
On the international sphere, Sculpture Network, Europe’s platform for the promotion of contemporary sculpture ( backs SCULTO. They are a non-profit organisation founded in 2004, based in Munich; they currently have around 1000 active members in 43 countries, 16,000 monthly digital news subscribers (in English and German), 10,000 monthly website users, 30,000 monthly page views, and 10,000 followers on social networks, who are mainly artists, galleries and collectors from around the world.
Cultural sponsorship encourages the transfer of sponsored values to a brand through emotional association, while investing in development, creativity and innovation. This, in turn, strengthens a company’s identity providing mutual, two-way benefits for its individuals and the company itself.
Such opportunities generate renown for the sponsoring company as well as provide valuable assets for its social responsibility programme. Art is an intellectual asset.
Presence at the event conveys prestige, while new business possibilities are obtained through the fair’s international promotion.
By sponsoring the production of cultural and social benefits that generate contemporary creation, a company acquires increased public recognition and positive awareness. By partnering cultural projects, which are already backed by other public and private entities, a company’s prestige is strengthened and its visibility augmented.
From SCULTO’s start to the present, the fair’s promotion campaigns on digital platforms, social networks and the media as well as events created throughout them, have provided this.

For these reasons, SCULTO urges you not to miss this positive, cultural and social business opportunity at the first sculpture-specialized art fair in Spain and Europe.

If you have any other question please contact us.