...and we continue working for 2021

SCULTO the International Contemporary Sculpture Fair, scheduled, probably, in its next edition for June this year, to postpone its call due to the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the unknown of its evolution. The decision of the SCULTO direct team, which this year has been placed among the "TOP 100" of cultural events in Spain, according to the Observatory of Culture in our country, is adopted, on the one hand, by responsibility for the extension of the coronavirus, given that around 5,000 people are the ones who give an appointment in their different activities, and on the other because of the impossibility of coordinating the mechanics of their organization with the dozens of galleries that send their artistic projects to take part in SCULTO.
This Fair has been held during its three editions - 2017, 2018 and 2019 - in the Plaza de Abastos of the Riojan capital, which does not interrupt its commercial activity with the sale of products from the garden and meat from La Rioja. The suspension

will mean that the set of activities such as SCULTOdeDÍA and SCULTOdeNoche will not be held either, pending, at the expense of the decision of the Riojan health and educational authorities, the possible celebration of SCULTOeduca and SCULTOmuseo, related to the Fair.
For the organizers, the Rioja gallery owner Enrique Martínez Glera, the Valencian sculptor Beatriz Carbonell Ferrer and the journalist from Navarra Josémaría Esteban Ibáñez, “a Fair with the characteristics of SCULTO, whose selection leads only fifteen galleries to participate, to maintain the seal of the “Jewel Fair” of Contemporary Sculpture in Spain, involves an effort of selection and the establishment of a calendar that cannot be subjected to the unpredictable variations of the coronavirus pandemic, which can ruin most of the cultural activities of our country and, therefore, of La Rioja ”. In this sense, they highlight that "all the Galleries carry out their programming months in advance and and the preparation of the works

that they are going to submit to the criteria of the Curatorial Team, who are the ones who choose the projects for their participation in SCULTO. For this reason, any modification of the cultural calendar, which may implicitly imply the official prohibition of these samples, due to criteria of responsibility, places us on a time horizon that is difficult to predict ”.
In these circumstances, the organizers schedule the next edition of SCULTO for April 2021, with the same essence with which it was born as the only Contemporary Sculpture Fair in Spain.
The SCULTO management team joins those from different cultural organizations and associations who have called on public and private institutions to arbitrate measures to support the Spanish cultural scene in the face of the enormous future difficulty that all organizers will face. that due to social health responsibility they will proceed to the closure and postponement of their activities.





SCULTO is a reality. It is a brand with its own identity.

More than five years of work and three editions have consolidated in the Spanish cultural program, a Fair, a well-defined project, with personality and differentiating characteristics, which has been described by professionals as a "jewel fair" of Contemporary Sculpture. SCULTO, as a Fair specialized in Contemporary Art in three dimensions, is already a reference in the professional sector: it is the only art fair of these characteristics in Spain and in 2019 it has been among the “TOP 100” of cultural events in Spain , according to the Observatory of Culture in our country.