• SCULTO has been created with the intention of being an annual event. The first edition, in May 2017, is open to Spanish Artists and Galleries in order to appreciate and highlight the quality of contemporary sculpture in our country. SCULTO will be open to Artists and Gallery owners from the rest of the world in future editions.
      • SCULTO will open a submission period for all those Galleries who are interested in taking part in the first edition of SCULTO 2017 to send their proposals by completing the application form.
      • Proposals from independent artists will not be accepted.
      • A professional committee will evaluate, select and invite the Galleries who will take part in the first edition of SCULTO.
      • “SCULTOdeDía” will offer a space for the exhibition and sale of materials, tools, books and publications which specialise in sculpture.
      • The “Espacio Würth”, as part of the exhibition, will have a programme of parallel activities which will contribute to the appreciation of contemporary sculpture, the understanding of contemporary art as an educational tool and to the development of art collecting, with the participation of gallery owners, collectors, artists, teachers and artistic educators.
      • “SCULTOdeNoche” will finish the cultural programme every evening with wine tasting events in a selection of prestigious La Rioja wineries.
      • SCULTO is aimed both at collectors and at the general public, and its objective is to contribute to the development of a cultural, educational and economic ecosystem which generates an equity return for the city and its visitors.
      • The professional team will evaluate and select which Galleries to invite using the proposals they receive and according to the following criteria:


      • Quality of the proposal/artist.
      • Exhibitions of the Artist in the Gallery.
      • Exhibitions of the Artist in Museums, Art Centres and cultural Institutions in Spain and abroad.
      • Gallery programme for the last two years.
      • Collaboration with Spanish and foreign Galleries.
      • Collaboration with Spanish and foreign Curators.
      • Other artists who work in sculpture as part of the general Gallery programme.

Galleries must provide proof of the following:

      • At least one year of continuous opening to the public with the usual timetable set by the sector.
      • Registration as exercising the corresponding Economic Activity (IAE).
      • Declaration of the fulfilment of the “Rules of good practice” for their activity.

General conditions