SCULTO is an exhibition specialising in contemporary sculpture conceived as an event to promote and exhibit sculptures.

SCULTO has been created with the intention of being an annual event. The first edition, in May 2017, is open to Spanish Artists and Galleries in order to appreciate and highlight the quality of contemporary sculpture in our country.

SCULTO will be open to Artists and Gallery owners from the rest of the world in future editions.

SCULTO will only show the work of Artists who are currently active.

SCULTO is aimed both at collectors and at the general public, and its objective is to contribute to the development of a cultural, educational and economic ecosystem which generates an equity return for the city and its visitors.

The Würth La Rioja Museum has joined this project with the “Espacio Würth” as part of the Exhibition, where the cultural programme will take place.

The European platform SCULPTURE-NETWORK for the promotion of art in three dimensions supports and promotes SCULTO internationally through its website and networking.

SCULTO adds its cultural offering to the existing attractive points of Logroño and La Rioja, providing this diverse territory with an experience in contemporary sculpture.