SCULTO presents its second edition and consolidates its art-related ethics- compliance with art code of -good practice code.

SCULTO Contemporary Sculpture Fair puts second edition’s dates forwards to 30 May to 3 April 2018, following the success of its first edition. In an anonymous survey, the first edition was rated 9 out of 10 by the participating galleries.

SCULTO 2018 upholds the same philosophy and principles of good practice: a specialized Contemporary Sculpture Fair conceived as a professional meeting to promote sculpture making, where the work of any active artist, from any country represented by a Spanish Gallery, is exhibited. A Fair aimed at both collectors and general public, who want to contribute to the environment’s social, educational and economic development, that generates cultural assets for everybody.

SCULTO’s programmes offer cultural and recreational activities for all audiences, professional and amateur and young and old alike.

  • SCULTOdeDÍA: conferences, dialogues, exhibition and sale of works at the fair and exhibition of private collections.
  • SCULTOdeNOCHE: Rioja Denomination winery visits and wine tasting.
  • SCULTOeduca: interactive guided tours of the fair for groups of all ages
  • SCULTOsigue:fixed activities throughout the year so that professionals and general public can continue to learn about contemporary art.

This new edition of SCULTO presents SCULTOmuseo: Contemporary art museums are invited to exhibit part of their contemporary sculpture collection during SCULTO. The exhibitions remain on show for the usual exhibition length of time.

SCULTO, the first and only National Contemporary Sculpture Fair in Spain, adds to Logroño / La Rioja’s cultural appeal, adding a Contemporary Sculpture rendezvous to the region’s diversity.